ASP.NET Web Services: New

I finally put together some new content for ASP.NET developers. I have often been interested in learning how Web Services work over the Internet and thus this page was born. You can visit it here. There is an example there that shows how to find out the weather in any state by it's zip code.

This page also is revealing how all of the pages on this site will look like very soon as I transition over to the new menu system. They are also mobile friendly as well.

New Forum for Commodore 64 and Atari users

I had to remove the Shopping cart since I cannot currently afford Shopify at $30/month. However for now I will be replacing the buttons with my new 8 Bit Computer Forum. Click on the Forum button at the top of this page to visit it. I am there to answer your questions and engage with you. It is my desire to help you achieve your dreams in both Atari and Commodore 64 Development. I look forward to hearing from you all very soon!

You can visit my forum by clicking here or by just clicking on the Forum tab at the top of this website. I can't wait to meet you. For those who may not know, I am a very giving person and welcome suggestions all the time. Also I'd like to hear about your stories with the Atari, Commodore 64, Apple, Qbasic, or whatever you enjoy.

Registration is free and will give you access to more forums, allow you to create your own avatar and other things. I will continue to build this as the list grows. Hope to see you there soon!

Commodore 64 Dancing Mouse

Relive the days of watching that dancing Commodore 64 sprite across the screen. In the video below I explain how the code works and you can also visit that website tutorial here. This retro program was found in the original book the Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide. I edited the sound code out for simplicity.

Custom Search

Choosing an Emulator for the Atari or Commodore 64

In order to write and run your own Basic or Machine Language programs (games) you will need to download an emulator. For the Atari you can download Altirra. For the Commodore 64/64C you can download WinVICE C64.

What's New?

I have added a new video that will teach you some of the things I have learned about building traffic to your website. It all involves setting up a campaign and advertising your website.

Switched to Godaddy

You may have noticed my website was down temporarily. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I switched hosting providers recently. I got a great deal and could not resist Godaddy and besides my old hosting provider was charging more and having issues. Everything should now be up and running smoothly.

The website content has been updated and the display style. I have therefore added header titles surrounded by a blue background to each page.

Also a new category on the left has been added for Website Traffic and there is a new page you can check out to learn more about website traffic using Adfly ads.

For the Commodore 64 fans I begun working on a new page for CBM Prg Studio. Click here to view that page.

For those who were following the scrolling game I began working on last year in 2015, I have now included some explanations of how I managed to do this. I hope later to evolve this into a deeper explanation of the code when I get more time. You can view that page here.

I also added new videos from YouTube showing some of the history of the Commodore 64, commercials, Jim Butterfield, and the last days at the Amiga 500 factory. You can view those below or by clicking on the Commodore 64 menu. Feel free to view that here.

The Amiga 500 videos for the factory liquidation and other things can be found here.

College Programming

Please also note that this website was built with the college student in mind. Since I myself graduated from college in 2011, I have since then been working hard to produce content to aid the student. This is because I used to also tutor college students in 2009. I have made it my destiny to continue to cater content involving college programming with you in mind.

Commodore 64 Basic Program Listings

For those who may not know there exist pages on this site where you can view hundreds of C64 programs such as Basic games, machine language games, sound, music, and so much more. Click here. to view that page. Also you can click on any of the pictures below to see that specific page. Enjoy!

The Youtube video below highlights my lastest updates to this website which include a new layout and style of the website and I'm currently working on adding new content.

Learn Web Design PDF

Listed below is the free PDF you will receive by email once you register your information in the form above. Here I provide some tips on building web pages that are attractive and informative.

Increase Website Traffic

Get the edge up on competitors and learn how to draw customers to your web site. I recently purchased a packet called "Traffic Blackbook" and my life has never been the same. I have literally watched myYouTube page balloon in no time flat. The key is knowing your customer and what they want.You will learn all about CPA Marketing and how to promote your website and blogs. Don't miss out on this incredible offer today! Click here to learn more

New YouTube Projects Page

I have created a page below devoted to my YouTube subscribers who want to showcase their Atari, C64, Java, C++, C#, projects. I am open to other languages as well. Since this website has been getting a steady flow of traffic I felt it was time to give back to the community. So I will be promoting your work at the page link below.

Please note, nothing will be considered silly as long as it is presentable (no exotic images, etc). I created a Qbasic page years ago where I promoted other people's demos via downloads for the world to see.

I was also asked if this is for an open source community. It is entirely up to you. If you don't feel compelled to share for whatever reasons that is fine. However I highly encourage open source if you can.

The channel is found at: YouTube Projects

Online Tutoring - Software

I have created a page below where you can learn about my new online Tutoring Business. This is actually a reboot since I was a paid tutor many years ago. Check out the link below and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!

The channel is found at: Online Tutor

Programmer content you will find here

Welcome to my website. This website will aid the .NET programmer that is looking for real-life SQL examples,Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET example,Master page setup, object oriented programming, LINQ to SQL, and other basics such as learning HTML. I provide you also with walkthroughs on learning the user interface in Visual Studio 2010. My vision is to maintain a focus on the latest .NET technology and stay consistent with tools as I learn them. I welcome your feedback on on questions and suggestions you may have about this site. There is a lot packed into this website so please feel free to explore at your leisure.

New section to VBA Word 2010 Tutorials can be found here. This page will introduce you to some VBA Word 2010 concepts I taught myself in 2011.

Keep up to date with any new information added to this site, which includes fresh tutorials on web design for the beginner and intermediate. You will alsobe alerted of any new tutorial videos added to my Youtube Page.

Please note: I do not sell your email list to the public and your information will be kept in strict confidentiality. Subscribe to our newsletter

What's New: Website Redesign

It took me a long time to find the time to update this entire site. I was always aware that it was pretty unstructured. However I'm happy to present the new website. Everything is divided by specific category such as (Basic, Software Development, Software (Business), Object Oriented Design, Game Modding, Windows (applications), and Careers.

Finally I have embedded all of my YouTube videos by the tabbed categories on the left. This will also enable me to see what I've done and what can still be accomplished. Having everything in one YouTube channel can be overwhelming after you have added over a 100 videos or more. A website keeps everything neat and structured, enabling users to locate content quickly.

Create a Website Banner

Updated the table structure to minimize the screen size. Added the RSS News Feed at the top of the home page. Removed the AJAX and WCF sections. New videos were added to the Videos page. Fixed the banner to show on every page. Added the Google+ Comments to each page. Moved the Code View to the bottom of each page. Finally I added the Create a Banner page. If you ever wanted to learn how to create a title banner then this is the place to be. Click here to learn more.

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Excel Tutorials

View the new Excel tutorials here. By the request of a good friend,I was asked if I knew anything about Excel 2010. I spent the entire day rehashing, researching, and re-learning a once, forgotten trade. The first part focuses on some of the common used formulas in the industry. The formulas (functions) demonstrated are SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, MOD, INT, INDEX, VLOOKUP, IFERROR, CONCATENATE, IF, IF(COUNT, COUNTIF (less/greater than), SUMPRODUCT, HYPERLINK, and NOW.


You can now leave comments and your questions with the newly added Google+ feedback forum. These have been embedded into each page for consistency. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and addressing any concerns you may have.

Be sure to check out the new. Banner Page, Software Career Page, Website Hosting Page, andLINQ Page if you have an interest in ASP.NET. I have also uploaded a new video showing step by step how to use LINQ to scan a GridView and query data with a checkbox list.

Coming Soon. New Website Redesign

As I sat in my doctor's office today I began to sketch out a new project plan for my website.This will include very detailed information about how to write a basic web page from scratch and guide theuser toward the creation of a pretty advanced web page complete with images, videos, etc. It dawned on methat the site appears to be a little complex for a beginner. However very soon I will begin tore-engineer the entire layout. Please leave me any feedback of what you'd prefer to learn as a beginner.

Mobile Development

Learn how to develop your own mobile applications using Visual Studio. In my last role, I worked asa Mobile Developer in the medical industry. During this time, I conducted a lot of research on the Internet learning how to use a Telerik Framework called KendoUI. KendoUI contains there own demos, code examples, documentation, forums, etc to get you started. I also learned how to write code in JavaScript and jQuery. You can click the links below to get started writing your very first mobile application.

KendoUI Mobile Development Part 1

KendoUI Mobile Development Part 2 & 3

New Stuff: Code View

I realize that having instant access to copying the text in my programs has not been available (until now). Therefore I am updating all of my pages to include sections called Code View (For Developers) where you can select and copy that section of code. These can be found at the bottom of each page where it is available. However I am still having difficulty adding the xml parts so I appreciate your patience as I work through this.

You may also notice that the format is not accurate as well and I apologize as I am still new to learning this. However the code should be completely intact. If not please be sure to email me at so I can correct it.

Click here see a Code View section and scroll to the bottom of the page.

You can visit the SQL Server Database Setup section to learn how to setup your own SQL Server within Visual Studio. Then queries can be run using the built in Stored Procedures. I was actually asked to design a SQL Server database using an input form to capture data so that is why I started this section. Check it out.

.NET Framework

The context of this site is directed toward the .NET programmer. However I have also provided easier start up sections for the Java and HTML pages to aid the beginner. My goal is to really expand this site in the future to cover larger topics on .NET Framework and provide useful and practical examples.

Getting Started (Beginners)

The video below will show you the .NET/C# walkthrough and sitemap. This website is helpful for students in web design courses. There is also information in these pages to help you setup a hosting service and guides on using ASP.NET. Just click on the Website Hosting tab on the left or this link for more details.

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