Game Walkthroughs

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Death pits and rolling Balls

In this sequence, Dirk is running in a room of rolling colors. He must jump over the pits that appear beneath his feet and dodge the rolling balls.

Dirk takes a daring leap and clears the hole with a score of 10/10. Well if it was 9/10 the probability would be he would eventually drop to his death. The balls seem to glare at him with a vengeance.

Suddenly another ball materializes on the screen. The traps keep moving toward him and both balls are now advancing on our player.

Jumping over the Pits

Dirk takes a flying leap over another hole and clears it with an excellence. He takes pride and knowing he is doing well. At this time the colors are a pretty dazzling site. Each ball disintegrates after it smashes into the wall behind our player.

The screen shifts colors once more and the balls and traps keep coming. Dirk feels himself getting a little exhausted and also wonders if he is color blind already.


Dirk's Intense Workout

A new black ball appears at the edge of the screen and rolling from the right to the left toward our player as the other did. The traps seem to be more consistent now too.

This time a yellow ball begins into trek toward our player, while the black one has more distance and is nearly upon Dirk.

Mind boggling Colors

The colors alternate once more to a red, yellow, and green. A new white ball appears at the edge and marks its destination for our player.

As the color transitions keep coming, Dirk pants and knows the end is in sight. Only a little more to go.


Almost to the Finish Line!

More and more balls keep coming. Dirk feels like having a heart attack, but he is pressed to reach the goal.

The colors are starting to give Dirk a headache, but he has no choice except to move forward. The balls keep coming at a dizzying pace.

Out of knowhere, a trap appears and tries to throw off Dirk's rhythmn, but he is prepared as he quickly hurdles the gaping hole. After that... finally he has made it!