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I began my journey writing computer programs as early as December of 1986. At that time, the snow was still falling and frost was causing my windows to fog up. As I sat in my empty room, I suddenly realized I was longing to own a similar computer I found at school. At that time, the Apple IIe computers were already populated in the library and school labs. 

Eventually, I decided to get my first computer that week. Although I had my sights actually set on a Commodore 64, the price tag steered me away and I ended up with an Atari 65xe personal computer, which was just nearly released at that time.  This website explores various techniques and things I learned when I was first learning to write small programs on it.

I hope you get as much use out of this website and it helps you to become a better programmer over time. At least I know that would have made all the research, and work worth the effort.

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