Dragon's Lair
Part 2

In this sequence, Dirk is running in a room of rolling colors. He must jump over the pits that appear beneath his feet and dodge the rolling balls.

You play the role of a knight named Dirk and serve as the protagonist for the game. Your goal is to escape from Singe’s castle. There will be many challenges ahead such as a raging river, moving traps, timed attacks, and eventually an encounter with the adversary himself.

Movement is conditioned to each screen. At times you are moving the joystick in upward, downward thrusts or to the left and right. The trick is to pause on each movement since the game relies on timed movements of your controller.

In the first challenge you are placed on a raging river. The goal in this first part is to keep your eyes focused either to the left, right, and sometimes in the center. As you approach the water ledge each time, a marker will appear in one of the corners. This is an indication to move Dirk in that direction.

Once you have safely cascaded the first waterfall, Dirk will continue to row downward (up the screen). The marker will flash in one of the corners again confirming the correct passageway.

Dirk still rows down the screen toward the last section. This time you can only move left or right since the center contains a boulder. The flasher will successfully advise of the path once more.

Soon our player reappears at the top to begin the journey to the bottom once more. The graphics are a little more interesting this time.

After passing over the first waterfall on this screen, Dirk advances toward a bridge in the center. The goal is to look for the flashing market to provide clarity of the path to travel.

Now our hero is at the edge of the top screen again. Quickly press that joystick in the correct direction to avoid being smashed on the rocks.

Dirk once more appears at the front of the screen. The marker begins to glow and Dirk paddles anxiously in that direction.

As usual, our player continues down the river keeping an eye out for the jagged rocks by waiting for the marker to verify the right way to go. This time there seems to be more than 3 exits, but the same 3 paths exist.

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