Commodore 64 Test Drive

This game became so popular in 1983 that eventually it was created on many computers back in the days. The Commodore 64 version was a real interesting to say the least. It came equipped with some nice graphics taking advantage of the multicolor mode. The gameplay was awkward and took some skill to master.

The sound track for the game takes full advantage of all three separate music channels, and output a 16-bit frequency resolution, complete with various wavesforms. The engine sounds like an engine, a crash like a crash, and so on.

The title screen gives us a sneak peak at what to expect from a graphical standpoint. The scenes utilize the mulicolor very effectively. This can be seen when the first vehicle appears on the screen, providing some type of realistic look to it. Then we catch sight of the title screen stating the words “Test Drive”. This appears to be a sprite enabled over the background.

The title screen eventually introduces you to the various cars that can be selected. There is no requirement to reach a specific level to choose a car. This game provided the freedom of immediately getting into your vehicle of choice, which made it excellent.

The joystick moves allows the user to cycle through a list of cars. Each category provides details about the vehicle, such as the engine type, torque rpm, transmission type, braking capacity, tires, and, top speed (in 0-60 up to 100 mph. So very quickly its easy to adapt to the fastest and most efficient vehicle based on the selections.

After deciding on a vehicle to drive by pressing the fire button, suddenly the vheicle image above because alive with a man at the wheel who peers at the viewer in excitement before driving away.

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