The appropriate name should actually be called “The drivethrough”. So anyway before the game begins, the scene materializes into view filling the screen with pixels until the inside of the car is visible. The disk drive hums and loads the game into memory.

Soon after, the game scene loads where we are presented with a view of a roadway sitting a top of what appears to be a mountain. A large mountain occupies the right side of the screen. We can also now see the review mirror, which will be most beneficial as the gameplay begins to progress.

After this you are presented with the option of starting the car by moving the joystick until the stick is in drive. The rpm begins to roar and we seen the first animation within the game being introduced. After this the user begins the adventure by pressing the fire button to move the vehicle forward. Soon after driving for a few seconds, a car appears opposite the roadway, and your goal is to manage control of the speeding car as it races to the first checkpoint. Time is everything.

As you begin to travel up the mountain road, speed limit signs mark the road to also signal a challenge that awaits ahead soon to be discovered. The steering is controlled by moving the joystick left to right. Also on the steering column is a white marker to confirm the centering of the vehicle, which makes it easier to see that the car is going straight again. The turns can be rough at times since you are trying to avoid the ongoing traffic, the guardrail on the left, and prevent smashing into the mountain nearby.

The scene also depicts not only the banks, and the curves, but even the dips in the road to provide a more realistic feel for the game.

The vehicles also start to increment as you propel forward, racing for the first pit stop. At the scene below there is also another challenge. The truck on the right is moving slowly and as you attempt to pass. So you are forced to manuever the truck.

As usual you have to avoid the guardrail, the mountain, all while trying to manage to get around the truck before the next vehicle appears to the left.

After passing the truck the screen shifts violently to left, testing your control and grip on the joystick as you struggle to become a wreckage on the mountain highway. During this time a new car appears on the right forcing you to edge closer to the left while still keeping a clearance of the guardrail threatening to take you down.

The gameplay continues to add stress as cars move at different speeds from opposing sides of the road, while keeping you on your toes and preventing a head on collision.

The game continues to spawn cars and move them toward you as you get closer to the checkpoint. The yellow station wagon signals a closer proximity.

The road is not only staffed with speed signs, but regular road signs. The picture below verifies that a sharp turn is coming. This greatly aids the player to avoid any catastrophre.

In the picture below once picture shows the speed sign ’55’ and the other warns of a curve to the left and then to the right, such as would be common on a road.

As you draw closer to the Pitstop, the cars begin appearing more often to the left and right trying to reduce your car to a pile of rubble. As usual, accurate timing is essential for keeping your windshield shard free.

After several more minutes of swinging and swaying, eventually the game brings an object into view to clarify that the destination is upon you… a gas sign. The first goal is to safely pass this sign and wait for the second gas sign. Then the game takes control from the player to forcing the car to park.

Soon the gear shaft comes into view as we see the car down shifting to enabling, the reduction in gears, and eventually it disappears to invite the next scene.

Soon the scene fades in fading pixels, and the disk drive hums to bring the next scene into view. The familiar theme begins playing again and soon we seen the car parked in front of Mr. Tony’s FUEL KING. A message comes into view advising of your progress.

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