Dragon's Lair
Part 1

You have final arrived at your destination. A very large dragon is huffing and standing behind a cliff. The princess is concealed in a bubble directly overhead.

The huge dragon suddenly begins to rain down fireballs toward your player. Use the boulders as a shield against the blasts.

Maintain your security behind the boulders. Wait until the dragon is able to completely obliterate the rocks before moving on. A gold bar appears and you can take a chance to grab it. However, be sure to move around or the fire will certainally finish you off.

Once the boulder is destroyed, allow your player to run to the right. Position him directly behind the boulder to prevent being fried by the dragon’s fire.

You don’t have to wait for the dragon to destroy the entire boulder. Just time it so that a boulder just received a blast and then quickly move to the right.

Soon the dragon will begin to work on the third boulder. As usual wait until you are safely out of the line of direct fire and then continue to advance to the upper right.

The upper path to the right is blocked off by some debris. Walk close to the green debris, but don’t touch it or you will die. The dragon immediately fires a blast at you. Run quickly downward to the right to avoid a sudden death.

Moments before where you stood, a grey cloud rises from the ashes of the debris. You have managed to avoid a blast this time.

Soon after the debris begins to catch fire and burn up. The path has now been cleared thanks to the dragon.

As you begin to ascend the hill, the dragon continues to fire at you. However, once you are at the top, the dragon can no longer fire at you. The sword is now accessible here.

Now that you can make confrontation with the dragon, approach the yellow platform at the top. Then press the fire button to jump onto the dragon’s back.

Dirk will then draw his sword and drive it into the back of the dragon. With a downward thrust goes the weapon to finish off this beast!

The game begins to play the familiar fanfare again as the dragon struggles under the weight of the mighty sword. Soon his head crashes down on the cliff below. His eyes become lifeless, and only the shallow breathing remains. Next Dirk leaps off the dragon’s back to rescue Daphne.

Once our hero lands on the ledge where Daphne is captive, the bubble suddenly breaks. Then Daphne stands over our player while hearts float up the screen. It is a romantic and proud moment. Dirk the Daring has saved the day!

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