Dragon's Lair Walkthrough

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Throne room of Doom

In this instance, Dirk is placed inside some type of throne room. An eye is staring at him from beyond the chair at the back.

A glowing hand with flashing colors begins to drift toward our player from the bottom. Pressing the joystick to the left allows Dirk to escape from harm's path. Then the hand disappears.

Next some type of electric hand is suddenly sprung from the strange bulb in the center of the room. To avoid an unexpected death, Dirk jumps quickly to the right where he was standing moments before.

The same hand approaches from the bottom right again, but our trusty hero draws his sword and slices it to pieces.

Electric Hand Dodge

Dancing with the Hand

Another electrical hand reaches for Dirk from the strange bulb in the center of the room once more. This time he reacts quickly and jumps to the back of the room behind the throne.

It also tries to grab him from the back so he jumps to the left moving the joystick in that direction.

The bulb reproduces the electrical hand again. To avoid a nasty shock, Dirk jumps quickly from the back left to the front left of the screen.

Next some kind of electrical disc approaches from behind Dirk. Our hero quickly jumps up to avoid any conflict. The object then continues in a circle around our player to keep him jumping. He must make a total of nine jumps before the next challenge awaits.

Shock treatment Therapy

Catch me if you can!

The bulb draws the electrical hand to the left toward our player again. Dirk takes a flying leap backward to where he stood moments earlier.

Again the electrical disc approaches our player except this time from the left in a circular motion. Dirk is forced to do a jumping dance once more for nine iterations.

Then he jumps up and to the back landing in the chair with the strange eye piercing through. The fanfare begins to play.

Congratulations adventurer! You are king of this room and this mission is accomplished!

Throne Me!

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