Dragon's Lair
Part 2

Castle of the Lizard King!

You have arrived at Singe's castle hallway. Dirk stares over to the left and sees a rat advancing upon him. Quickly he finds the nearest door, exits, and reappears at the bottom level.

Right after the rat enters the room, our hero sees the dragon Singe for the very first time. He is waving his sceptor in retaliation at our player, upset that he has made it this far.

Quickly, Dirk runs toward the door at the bottom right to escape harm's way. Singe follows closely behind trying to whack him.

After this Dirk enters the center door, reappears at the top and then runs through the upper door on the right. In the next room, Dirk sees the rat again, but it cannot reach him because of some kind of barricade.

running from Singe

Going for the Chest

Quickly, our hero dodges Singe and the rat after running through several rooms. He finally discovers if he passes through a door at the bottom left he can pass over a barricade seen he is transported to the room to the right. Finally he sees the chest containing the sword.

With one quick thrust of the sword, Singe is reduced to a pile of ashes.

Then Dirk picks up the golden chest and proceeds to the exit to the left. This level is done and its time to move on again.

Defeating Singe!

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