Dragon's Lair
Part 2

Boiling Mud Pits

You have ultimately made it to the last level of this game. There are several mud creatures that occupy the screen. The first ones will dip in and out of the mud pools at the bottom of the screen. The other mud creature is standing on a ledge far to the upper right. There is also one hidden at this time.

Walk your player all the way to the upper left facing the crack in the floor that separates the two cliffs. The mud creature on the far right ledge will begin to throw mud packs upward causing them to land on the crack.

Finally it is safe to cross the mud path. Allow your player to run in a diagonal direction to the right to avoid falling off the walls.

When you have Dirk positioned as close the ledge as possible, press the fire button. He will then jump across the volcanic pit onto the ledge to confront the mud creature.

The mud creature will then begin to dissolve as he faces Dirk the daring. Dirk begins to take a step back and...

Mud Creature Arises

Golden Lamp saves the day!

Suddenly it appears as if Dirk may have lost his balance. He is about to fall to his death when suddenly...

The magic, golden lamp suddenly emits a cloud. The cloud advances toward Dirk and then raises him off the top of the screen. You have beaten the level Escape from Singe's castle. Congratulations adventurer!

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