Dragon's Lair Part 2

Squared to the Power!

This room is surrounded by dungeons walls. The walkway consists of a colorful, square floor.

Next the floor shifts to reveal a passage above. The goal here is to follow safely on all on the squares without walking off. Remembering where the white squares are located is central to advancing this level.

The floors disappear and reappear in timing stages. Keep moving your player toward any reappearing squares and use the white square diagram to mark out a path to freedom.

The challenge is enhanced even more with a bat that approaches you. You must swing your sword to destroy it. However, don't be left stranded on an unsafe square or you will fall to your doom.

Approaching bat

Safe on a Square

Continue to move to safe squares and attempt to move up the screen. Sometimes the screen can switch in multiple phases before you can find a safe passage.

Dirk the daring has now somehow made it to the far right and up a few squares safely securing himself on a square that is currently present. Also be aware that the white squares only show for the first time, so it is important to examine the first picture with the white squares as a guide.

Advancing to the left is the goal once you have managed to reach a few squares up. The purpose is to reach the exit at the top on the left.

Soon Dirk arrives at the top square. He remains stationed here until he can yet find another safe passage to the left and down a square.

Finally at the Top

Escape is to the left!

He has now moved to the left again and sees the stairway going up from the dungeon. He is curious as whether this is his goal.

Something seems strange about it, so he decides instead to depart through the left entrance. He has made it. Nice going Dirk!

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