Dragon's Lair
Part 1

The second level throws some new challenges at your player. You are first seen standing in Singe’s castle staring to the left. Suddenly a cluster of skeleton heads approach you from the left and right. Rather than defend yourself the game forces you to jump to the back of the castle dodging the skull clattering foes.

To advance this second task, you must swing your sword at the massive hand that reaches from the right. Then you jump upward to the back to dodge the skulls as they advance on your player. Next you must thrust your joystick to the right and then to the left to fend off the reaching hands once more.

After this a pack of bats approach from the left and a timed movement of the joystick requires you to jump toward the front of the castle again. Once you have moved to the front, the bats still appear to the front left and you must move the joystick to the right to escape an uncertain doom.

Suddenly within a few seconds, a green glob appears to the right. Your goal is to jump to the left and then to the back of the castle again (by moving the joystick up). The glob will then continue off to the left and fade from view and reappear at the left from the back of the castle.

Therefore Dirk must escape being slimed (as I see it) by quickly running to the right entrance with a thrust of the joystick to the right again. Suddenly a musical fanfare plays! You have escaped this level!

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