Dragon's Lair
Part 1

The third level positions your player to the right at the bottom walking out of a doorway. Your goal is to get close to the edge and leap onto each of the platforms. This requires two leaps for the first part.

If you don’t leap over fast enough however you will be consumed by fire that appears from the right, which barricades your entry back in that direction.

Next press the fire button and jump to the left to grab a hold of the swinging ropes. Your player will then begin to swing to the left and the right. Once again timing here is crucial to a successful jump. It is usually best to complete on full movement of the swing and then jump. However if you wait too long you will be burned from the spreading fire.

After you make it to the platform on the left, it begins to rise with your player to prepare you for the next task. This time you will be jumping to the right

The next part of the challenge is to repeat the earliest part by jumping first onto each of the three platforms quickly. Then swing on both of the ropes to reach the platform to the far right.

By the time you reach the ledge on the far right, the fire will have now consumed about 50% of the entire screen. As usual the platform begins to ascend to the level above at the top.

Now your player begins the journey of jumping onto the platform immediately to the left and swinging on each of the hanging ropes (vines) to reach the safe platform at the top left of the screen. After this the player can walk to the left out the entrance and we watch as the fire creeps up the screen until the farefare announces completion of this level.

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