Dragon's Lair
Part 2

Horse and Wall Dodge

This time Dirk is mounted on some type of flying horse. There are walls moving toward him from the back and he must quickly dodge them to the left or the right.

After the first attack wave, he is next confronted with some flying spheres that are deadly to the touch. Once again he can dash to the right and left to avoid an untimely death.

The walls begin to advance upon him again. Dirk quickly slaps his horse on the side and he is moved to the right this time.

Colors begin to light up the room to indicate that the challenge is now getting harder. The walls and the spheres begin to pick up speed, forcing our playing to have a quick reaction to avoid being hammered.

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

Walls and Moving Spheres

A flash erupts, and the next scene is suddenly upon our player. The walls and spheres are now appearing more often and moving a little faster. Quickly our player makes split-second decisions to avoid a collision.

The colors continue to cycle and the next wave is upon Dirk. As usual he makes quick witted decisions to move out of the way

He can sense the end is near and is beginning to feel victorious as he manages to sway to the left and right in the usual fashion.

The last wave is dodge, retreats, and before Dirk realizes it he has reached the end of the hallway and flies off to the next level.

Mighty Conqueror!

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