Dragon's Lair
Part 2

Dungeon of Death

Dirk has now entered some kind of dungeon. He sees some opens shafts above, a dragon ornament on the right wall, dungeon gates in the back, and a upturned table to the right. He stands still for a moment and suddenly a sparkle appears above him.

Soon a fire burns at the left wall. Dirk uses his quick thinking skills and jumps to the right with a a few taps on the joystick.

A fire then appears beneath his feet. Dirk quickly jumps to the back of the room to avoid having barbequed feet.

Without warning tentacles begin to slip through the dungeon bars at the back. Dirk draws his sword by pressing the fire button and chops them to pieces. They reappear again, and he is forced to strike at them with the sword.

Tangling Tentacles

Dirk's Arachnophobia

Once again a fire flares up to the left after a flash warning from above. Our player quickly moves over to the right with a few taps on the joystick in the same direction.

Afterwards, a giant spider begins to ascend upon him. Immediately Dirk reciprocates and tears into the spider's flesh ending its attack.

Next, Dirk moves to the left again. Another giant white and blue spider tries to bite him from above. Yet his quick reflexes quickly cut the spider and it vanishes from sight.

The return of the fire at the back of the room forces Dirk to jump to the front again to avoid being burned.

Fire is raging!

Safe refuge ahead

As he peers to the right he sees the turned over table burned to a crisp by a flame protruding through the wall.

The fire begins to singe beneath his feet again forcing Dirk to take refuge to a safe position to the left by jumping in that direction.

Another spider tries to pounce on him. However, our quick and resourceful player quickly evades the attack and jumps to the right.

The fire reappears at his feet again. Rapidly, our hero drops to his knees and begins crawling to the fireplace.

Our player manages to squeeze through the fireplace to escape the flames and this level. Congratulations once more Dirk!

Escaping the Dungeon

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