Dragon's Lair
Part 1

On this level, your player is centered between two statues that at first appear to be just that. However, soon their serenity will be interrupted as the challenge progresses.

The first task is to tap the joystick up a few times. Dirk will then jump up to the back of the screen.

Suddenly you hear a noise and a mace begins flashing on a shelf to the left (at the back) and spirals to the left and then advances upon your player. You must swing your sword to the left to take out this approaching menace.

After this Dirk will turn his head to the right. This is a hint that you will need to attack from that direction. Suddenly an object on the shelf at the right begins to flash colors and a sound is heard.

To dodge this object just jump to the left toward the statue. The object will then miss your player and disappear off the bottom left of the screen.

The statue on the left will then begin to move toward your player. Allow the statue to make the first movement, but don’t wait until the second movement. Instead press your joystick to the left and Dirk will use his sword against the statue causing it to back off.

After this the statue will begin to flash, followed by a noise for the hint indication for the challenge. It then turns into an axe that begins to spiral upward and then advance down upon your player. To avoid being sliced in half, press the joystick in the upward direction, causing Dirk to jump to the back of the room avoiding the axe.

Next the shield on the wall at the left begins to flash with the sound alert. Then it begins the same path as the axe and flies toward your player. To avoid from getting hit, just tap the joystick to the right and Dirk moves closer to the statue at the right.

The statue begins the path toward your player once more. Allow it to move twice, then quickly tap the joystick to the right and Dirk draws his sword to strike at the statue.

If it isn’t already obvious by now, this level begins to repeat challenges that were presented earlier. The statue on the right now fades into an axe and begins to approach your player. Just move your player to the left to avoid the impact.

In a repeated state once more, the shield now on the right spirals upward to advance upon your player. However, this time you will need to draw your sword to vanquish the shield. After this an exit will suddenly appear to the back of the room, but you can’t leave yet.

This time a weapon at the left begins to flash followed by the same sound of warning and then it begins to advance upon Dirk. Just press the joystick up a few times and your player will jump to the back of the room.

For the final trial, the firey torch that has been sitting idle at the top of the screen begins to move to the left and then closer to your player. It is now time to leave. Tap the joystick to the right and few times and then you are onto the next level!

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