Dragon's Lair
Part 1

When the level begins, your player is positioned toward the bottom right of the screen on top of a wall. If you walk off the wall, you will fall to your doom.

The duty is to attack the lizard on the opposite wall to the left. Be sure not too get too close or you will be killed. Instead maintain a little distance from the edge on the first wall and press your fire button to swing your sword. The dragon will instantly be vaporized.

Next jump onto the wall by pressing your fire button. The first wall will disappear. Then walk along the edge upward to the right and jump onto the third wall. Once again the wall will disintegrate you were just on.

Approach the prancing dragon on the third wall. When you are close enough without getting attacked, press the fire button to swing the sword at your foe. Once again it vanishes into a puff of black smoke.

Then jump onto the last wall containing the remaining dragon. As usual approach the creature and swing your sword being certain to watch your proximity to it. The wall you just left fades into oblivion just like the rest.

Your final destination is to jump onto the wall closer to your left being sure to calculate the distance to the edge. After this jump up onto the wall above you and then move to the edge of that wall and jump on the longer wall to the left. Once more each of the walls are removed from the screen upon each successful leap.

Then advance upon the dragon occupying the center of this wall. As usual, draw your sword with fire button and take out this little critter.

Repeat your attack sequences on the final dragon and watch him disappear into a puff of black smoke. You have beaten all of the enemies on this level.

Finally jump onto the wall where the dragon used to be to the left. Then to complete your mission, jump onto the final wall at the upper left.

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