Dragon's Lair
Part 1

In this stage, Dirk is stationed in some type of dungeon. Observe the objects in the room and you can be certain that they are going to be flung at you soon enough.

A sound is heard shortly afterward and then a long black snake descends upon your player. You must draw your sword and take it down before being attacked.

Then Dirk signals the next onslaught by glancing to the right in timed motions. Soon another black snake rises from the floor. Press the joystick to the left a few seconds apart to move Dirk safely to the left.

A black snake appears again to the left and rises up to bite our player. To avoid confrontation, press the joystick up to move Dirk to the back of the room.

Our hero takes a stance and then notices a black snake dropping from the ceiling on the left. Dirk can take out this enemy with the sword once more by pressing the joystick lightly to the left. The same snake will appear on the right so repeat the attack to the right with the joystick in timed movements.

Move Dirk to the right again to prepare for the next attack. Another black snake descends from the hidden access above. The snake can be avoided this time by pressing the joystick to the right toward the staircase allowing access to the upper level.

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